GenoART: Genome Annotation and Refinement Tool


GenoART is a standalone application for detecting coding potential of transcripts complemented by experimentally derived proteomics (MS/MS) data. GenoART will make use of Python, PERL and javascripts for processing your input genome and create a custom database for proteogenomic searches. A detailed protocol is available online. In simple terms, the custom database generated by this application can be used as a reference protein database and search the unmatched/unassigned spectra in any search engines such as Mascot, SEQUEST, X! Tandem or Andromeda. GenoART can be queried to categorize and browse these resultant peptides at the click of a button. The peptides will include the genomic coordinates which allows user to navigate to UCSC genome browser which can facilitate more details about the gene/transcript and can be compaired with predicted genes, Expressed sequence Tag (EST), and perform comparitive genomics for more evidence. A GTF (Gene Transfer Format) will be available to download upon querying, which can later be viewed in any genome visualizer such as UCSC or IGV to compare accross different studies.


Download: Choose among the following software of the current GenoART v.1.0.0, depending on your operating system

Operating System Download Size (MB) Remark (Click here to download sample dataset)
MS Windows GenoART v1.0 - Win 18.33 Graphical user interface using Electron for MS Windows.
Linux GenoART v1.0 - Linux 05.08 Graphical user interface using Electron for Linux.
Mac OS GenoART v1.0 - Mac 04.93 Graphical user interface using Electron for Mac OS.